Maridaki is a seaside hamlet on the eastern side of Asterousia Mount, 65km south of Heraklion and in the west side of Tsoutsouras Bay. Despite the short distance from Tsoutsouras (2-3km), there is no direct road linking the two settlements (except a footpath). The only thing that separates Tsoutsouras and Maridaki is a very steep mountain with numerous caves and karstic formations. Thus, the village can be accessed via a rugged and poor dirt road that starts 15km northern, before the village Ahedrias (near village Mesohorio). The route passes among the towering cliffs and wild rocks of Asterousia Mountains. The same road leads to the monastery of Saint Nikitas. Never leave your car under the trees of Maridaki, because the goats will destroy it.

Maridaki is also called Saint Panteleimon, named after the local church. It is built in the wild and dry landscape of southern Crete, at the exit of the imposing Achendrias Gorge. However, a spring and a small stream brings potable water to the beach all year round, creating an oasis with huge plane trees along its banks. At the place of the springs, there is a large square with 200 years old plane trees and a small cafe-restaurant. Just beyond this place, the locals say that live the fairies. 5' minutes from the settlement, you can see the amazing waterfalls of Lichnistis (till early spring). Moreover, the view from the beach to Tsoutsouras and Keratokambos is panoramic

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